Abdullah Misra


Ustadh Abdullah Anik Misra was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, into a Hindu family of North Indian heritage. He became Muslim at the age of 18, graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Business Administration, worked briefly in marketing, and then went abroad with his wife to seek religious knowledge full-time. He studied briefly in Tarim and the West Indies, and finally came to Amman, Jordan, where he has now been for over a decade, with his wife and five children. His traditional studies covered the sciences of Sacred Law (fiqh), hadith, Islamic belief, tajwid, and sira. His teachers include Dr. Salah Abul Hajj, Shayk Ashraf Muneeb, Shaykh Ali Hani, Shaykh Ahmad Hasanat and others. He works at the Qasid Arabic Institute and teaches online for SeekersHub.org.