Gardens of the Righteous & Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) : 2 for 1

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  • Teachers: Sheikh Nuh Keller & Umm Sahl
  • Course Duration: 10 lessons of the Gardens of the Righteous and 12 lessons of A Most Beautiful Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)
  • Start Date:  24th and 30th of January 2021
  • Time: Gardens of the Righteous: Sundays, 1:30 PM UTC/GMT and A Most Beautiful Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS): Saturdays, 3:45 PM UTC/GMT
  • About the Course: Benefit from Sheikh Nuh’s commentary on the practical application of Hadith and Sunna in our lives and dive into a deep study of the tafsir of Surah Yusuf through the powerful lens of the balagha (eloquence) of the Quran
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