About Kiflayn

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Why Kiflayn?

“Kiflayn” is a word used by God in the Quran, it is the dual form of the word Kifl (a mighty share of provisions to suffice one from need). God Almighty promises Kiflayn from His Mercy, meaning two major shares of Mercy for those who believe, have piety and believe in His Messenger.

We believe that piety is attained by applying the knowledge of Islam in our lives. It is that knowledge which moves us to do good and abstain from evil and harmful behaviour.

Our mission is to make this true knowledge available to those who seek it wherever they may be, and to remove the barriers of distance and make accessible true scholars who possess – and can impart – not only the ‘ilm (knowledge), but also the haal (state) that they have attained as a result of applying Islam in their lives.

We believe that this knowledge is essential for Muslims & non-Muslims. Much of the Islamophobia that exists today is due to an incorrect understanding of the beliefs & practices of Islam. Knowledge is the key to the eradication of this phobia and to promoting harmony and a positive perception of Islam & Muslims.

How We Do This?

Our teachers are qualified scholars that have inherited their knowledge with an unbroken chain of transmission going back to the Prophet Muhammad Peace & Blessings be Upon Him

We offer courses and learning tracks via the latest in online education systems. Our live classes use the best of live meetings platforms with HD audio, HD video and collaboration tools that allow true one-on-one interaction between the teacher and the student.

We offer courses year-round in English & Arabic, and serve students of varying levels from beginners to advanced students of knowledge.

What We Do

Specialised Learning

This includes language courses, advanced courses in Islamic theology, creed, law, modern financial transactions and more.

Self Improvement Learning

This includes courses that help you to set life goals, get yourself on the track you want for yourself and get in touch with your spiritual calling.

General Knowledge Learning

Courses that allow students to develop a sound understanding of how Islam can be applied in their lives.