Sheikh Nuh Keller

Teaches Spirituality, Hadith, and Higher Health

Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller was born in the northwestern United States in 1954. He read philosophy and classical Arabic at the University of Chicago and UCLA, and became Muslim in 1977. He was a disciple in the Shadhili order of the Sufi master and poet Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Shaghouri of Damascus from 1982 until the latter’s death in 2004, and was authorized as a sheikh in the order by Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman in 1996.

Hatim Yousef

Teaches Tajweed, Tafsir, Seerah and Spirituality

A hafidh Of Qur’an, Ustadh Hatim began learning Tajweed when twelve years old in Dubai. By the age of fourteen, at the behest of his teacher and supportive parents, Ustadh Hatim progressed to teaching adults at his neighborhood mosque. He continued this for five years.

Zahir Bacchus

Teaches Spirituality, parenting and character education.

After completing a B.Sc. at the University of Toronto Sheikh Zahir traveled to study in Syria & Jordan for six years. He serves as a director of the Canadian Council of Imams. He has continued his education, obtaining certifications in teaching and counseling which has led him to conduct workshops throughout North America on character education and youth development.

Umm Sahl

Teaches Tafsir, Quranic Arabic, and History

Umm Sahl was born and raised in New Zealand where she spent her adolescent life. She travelled with her family to Turkey in 1982, where she met her first sheikh in Tasawwuf, Ihsan Effendi of Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.

Farid Dingle

Teaches Arabic, Islamic Law and Hadith

Ustadh Farid’s study of the Arabic language with traditional scholars, his extensive teaching experience and his knowledge of multiple languages make him a very insightful and experienced teacher of the classical language of Arabic.

Muhammad Noor Sabreen

Teaches Tajweed and Quran

Sheikh Muhammad Noor received the world’s highest Ijaza (certification) and Sanad (chain of transmission) from the late Sheikh Bakri At-Tarabeeshi

Samer Jaber

Teaches Tajweed and Quran

Ustadh Samer Jaber was born in Kuwait and spent his formative years in Jordan. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at the World Islamic Sciences & Education (WISE) University and is currently working on his Doctorate in Quranic exegesis.

Salma Mostafa Nashaat

Teaches Tajweed and Quran

Ustadha Salma Mostafa is Egyptian. She is a medical doctor by profession. She studied Tajweed and fiqh in Dar al Hosaree Mosque.

Aisha Abd Al-Munim Al-Abrash

Teaches Tajweed and Quran

Ustadha Aisha graduated from the Homs Shariah Centre for girls in 2008 and has received the following certifications

Mohammad ‘Adel Rayhan

Teaches Inshad (Nasheeds/Qasidas)

Sidi Mohammad ‘Adel is our lead singer for the weekly gatherings of dhikr and mawlids in religious circles in Amman, Jordan.

Sawsan Mostafa Nashaat

Teaches Tajweed, Quran, Fiqh and Aqida

Ustadha Sawsan is an Egyptian student of knowledge and teacher with more than 14 years of experience. She studied Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) on both the Shafi and Hanafi schools, Islamic Creed (Aqida), Arabic and Quranic recitation (Tajweed) with scholars in Egypt and Jordan.

Muhammad Shaheed Carter

Teaches Inshad (Nasheeds/Qasidas)

Muhammad Shaheed Carter is Hafiz of the Quran and one of the munshids in Kuwait. He began his studies of inshad at the age of 9 where he was first introduced to the basics of the art. 

Raneem Mohammad Ghazzawi

Teaches Inshad (Nasheeds/Qasidas)

Raneem has studied inshad since the age of 12 years old with her father, master munshid Ustadh Mohammad Adel Ghazzawi.
She has learned the maqams (classical tunes), muwashshahat (multi-tuned odes) and singing techniques.