Hatim Yousef

Study Tajweed, Tafsir, Seerah, and Spirituality with Ustadh Hatim Yousef.


A hafidh Of Qur’an, Ustadh Hatim began learning Tajweed when twelve years old in Dubai. By the age of fourteen, at the behest of his teacher and supportive parents, Ustadh Hatim progressed to teaching adults at his neighbourhood mosque. He continued this for five years.
In Amman, Jordan Ustadh Hatim pursued his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English Literature. While in Jordan, he studied with Sheikh Hussein Abu Laban and earned his first Ijaza in Qur’an recitation. He received ijaza’s from Sheikh Abdel-Majeed (Imam of As-Salaam Mosque) in Sharjah with whom he completed his first recitation of the Qur’an from memory. He then continued with Sheikh Mohammad Esam al-Quda, and completed a further recitation of the Qur’an on the narration of Shu’ba.
Ustadh Hatim taught Islamic studies and Quran at the ADAMS Centre in Sterling , Virginia. He taught classes in Arabic grammar, hadith, seerah, tafsir and tajweed,
Some of the teachers of Ustadh Hatim include:

  • Sheikh Abdel-Majid Al Masri
  • Sheikh Ahmad Al Jamoos (May Allah have mercy on him)
  • Sheikh Hussein Abu Laban
  • Sheikh Mohammad Isam Al Quda
  • The famous munshid, Abu Mahmoud Al-Tirmithi, with whom Ustadh Hatim studied the seven tunes (maqams) of recitation

He has also studied Aqeeda, Fiqh, and Spirituality with a range of scholars, some of whom include:

  • Sheikh Ahmad Hasanat
  • Sheikh Amjad Rashid
  • Sheikh Khaldoon Makhlota
  • Sheikh Nuh Keller (may Allah preserve him)