Some Of Our Teachers

Sheikh Nuh Keller

Teaches Spirituality, Hadith, and Higher Health

Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller was born in the northwestern United States in 1954. He read philosophy and classical Arabic at the University of Chicago and UCLA, and became Muslim in 1977. He was a disciple in the Shadhili order of the Sufi master and poet Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Shaghouri of Damascus from 1982 until the latter’s death in 2004, and was authorized as a sheikh in the order by Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman in 1996.

Dr Ashraf Muneeb

Teaches Islamic law, Islamic finance and Spirituality

Dr. Ashraf was recognized in 2010 as a certified Shariah auditor and advisor by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). This is the highest certificate given by AAOIFI, the most notable authority in the field of Islamic finance.

Sheikh Hatim Yousef

Teaches Tajweed, Tafsir, Seerah and Spirituality

A hafidh Of Qur’an, Ustadh Hatim began learning Tajweed when twelve years old in Dubai. By the age of fourteen, at the behest of his teacher and supportive parents, Ustadh Hatim progressed to teaching adults at his neighborhood mosque. He continued this for five years.

Umm Sahl

Teaches Tafsir, Quranic Arabic, and History

Umm Sahl was born and raised in New Zealand where she spent her adolescent life. She travelled with her family to Turkey in 1982, where she met her first sheikh in Tasawwuf, Ihsan Effendi of Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.