Mohammad ‘Adel Rayhan

Study Adhan, Spiritual Litanies, Inshad (Nasheeds/Qasidas) with Sheikh Mohammad ‘Adel Rayhan.


Sidi Mohammad Adel is the official mu’adhin (muezzin) and assistant Imam of Masjid al-Bushra, Amman Jordan. He is also the lead singer for the weekly gatherings of dhikr and mawlids in religious circles in Amman, Jordan.

He received his sanad ijaza in the Adhan from Sheikh Muhammad Irshaid (in Amman, Jordan) who authorized him to recite and give ijaza in the recitation of the Adhan according to the Shafi’i madhab.

Mohammad Adel is a master munshid trained in the classical tradition who has been singing for over 30 years and has memorized vast amounts of spiritual odes. He learnt traditional singing from his father, Sheikh ‘Adel, and from the munshids of Jordan, notably Sheikh Mahmoud at-Tirmidhi and ‘Ali ‘Akur.

Mohammad ‘Adel tours internationally during his annual travels to the UK, Australia, India, and Egypt. He has also performed in Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Syria. With his brother, Abdullah Adel, he has produced two albums: Experiences of Lovers, and The Mantle of Praise.