Muhammad Shaheed Carter

Learn Inshad (Nasheeds/Qasidas) with Muhammad Carter

Muhammad is Hafiz of the Quran and one of the munshids in Kuwait. He began his studies of inshad at the age of 9 where he was first introduced to the basics of the art. He quickly began to enjoy its rigorousness and the theory and continued inshad studies under numerous teachers including Sheikh Muhammad Adel and Sheikh Abdullah Adel over the summers during his visits to Jordan. Sheikh Muhammad Adel specifically focused on learning maqams, the hadra, and switiching between maqams and solos.

Muhammad Shaheed also studied for 9 years under the Syrian munshid Maher Zidan (Abu Anas), who taught him mawlid songs (muwashah), maqamat, the sub-maqams, applications of maqamat, as well as tafreeds (solos).

Additionally, he had the honor of attending the majalis of and briefly studying with the Iraqi munshid, Sheikh Walid Al Dulaimi, may Allah SWT have mercy on his soul. Sheikh Walid mainly focused on the applications of maqams in Quranic recitation.

Muhammad Shaheed remains a student of inshad under Abu Anas in Kuwait who is currently furthering his studies in muwashahat and sub-maqams.