Islamic Beats – Learning to Play the Daff (Men) – Part 1

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Teachers: Ustadh Yousuf Ramy
Course Duration: 5 lessons 
Start Date:  Saturday, August 3rd
Time: 5:00 PM UTC

As Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah Dear Students. Welcome to the home page of the Islamic Beats- Learning to Play the Daff. There will be pre-recordings to listen to and practice each week in preparation for your live session. These weekly modules will be from Sunday to Sunday. Each Sunday the module will open and you will have 7 days to review the material in preparation for the following Sunday live session. If you have any questions you can place them on the discussion board or use the email feature to email your instructor. Please note that there is no pre-recording for the first week. See you on Sunday!

Group 1: Sunday 8:00 PM Amman Time / 6:00 PM UK Time / 1:00 PM EST Time

Group 2: Sunday 8:30 PM Amman Time / 6:30 PM UK Time / 1:30 PM EST Time

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