Dr. Yunus al-Hamdani

Earn an Ijaza (certification) in Hadith with Dr. Yunus al-Hamdani.


Dr. Yunus al-Hamdani holds a Ph.D in Hadith Sciences and has taught as a school teacher and mosque Imam. He was also a radio speaker for over 20 years. He has Ijazat (certifications) from Iraq and Turkey to narrate Bukhari, Muslim and the complete works of Imam Nawawi’s as well as numerous others from his studies in Iraq and Turkey.

In addition to taking part in many academic conferences in the Arab world and producing numerous papers on hadith and Islamic education, Dr. Yunus has been dedicating much of his time and effort to humanitarian aid and development in Iraq. He has been involved in managing orphanages; the setting up of educational initiatives; working in food and health relief projects.

Dr. Yunus lives in Amman, Jordan, with his wife and children.