Dua When in Hijr

Among the duas when in Hijr

O Lord, I have come to You from afar, hoping for Your kindness and grace. Make me attain to enough of Your kindness to make me independent of the kindness of others beside You. O You Who are known for kindness.

يَا رَبِّ أَتَيْتُكَ مِنْ شِقَّةٍ بَعيِدَةٍ مُؤَمِّلاً مَعْرُوفَكَ فَأَنِلْنِي مَعْروفاً مِنْ  مَعْرُوفِكَ تُغْنِيني بِه عَنْ مَعْرُوفِمَنْ سِواكَ، يَا مَعْرُوفاً بِالمَعْرُوفِ

Ya Rabbi ataytuka min shiqqatin ba’idatin mu’ammilan ma’rufaka fa-anilni ma’rufan min ma’rufika tughnini bihi ’an ma’rufi man siwak, ya ma’rufan bi-l-ma’ruf.

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