Dua when first seeing the Kaabah

Seeing the Ka’ba [Kaabah; Kabah; Kaba; Kaaba] (كعبة) for the first time is one of the most remarkable and moving experiences. These first few moments when one’s eyes first fall on the House of Allah are filled with divine blessings, and so one should use this precious time and remember Him.

When a person enters Makkah and his gaze falls upon the Ka’ba and he reaches the Mosque, it is mustahab for him to lift his hands and supplicate. It is reported that the dua of a Muslim is accepted upon seeing the Ka’ba.

Allah, increase this House in honour, esteem, respect and reverence. And increase those who honour and respect it, of those who perform Hajj or Umrah, in honour, respect, esteem and piety.

الَّلهُمَّ زِدْ هّذَا البَيْتَ تَشْرِيفاً وَتَعْظِيماً وَتَكْرِيماً وَمَهَابَةً، وَزِدْ مَن شَرَّفَهُ وَكَرَّمَهُ مِمَّنْ حَجَّهُ أَو اعتَمَرَهُ تَشرِيفاً وَتَكرِيماً وَتَعظِيماً وَبِرّاً

Allahumma zid hadha-l-Bayta tashrifan wa ta’ziman wa takriman wa mahabah, wa zid man sharrafahu wa karramahu mimman hajjahu awi- ‘tamarahu tashrifan wa takriman wa ta’ziman wa birra.

In addition to seeing the Ka’ba for the first time, there are many other times when prayers are known to be accepted. Learn more about these sacred times in Kiflayn’s Hanafi and Shafiʿi Fiqh programs.

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