Maha al Mousely

Study Tajweed and Quran with Ustadha Maha al Mousely.


Ustadha Maha was born and raised in Egypt. She studied Tajweed in Syria, Egypt and Jordan. She mastered Al Qaida Al Nooraniya and taught this in various schools for several years after which she received her certification of competence for juz’ ‘Amma from Sheikh Dler al-Barzingi.

She then travelled to Egypt to complete her entire Quran certification in the narration of Hafs, and received the sanad (chain of transmission) from Samah Ibrahim her teacher.

At present Ustadha Maha is working towards completing her second Ijaza (certification) in the narration of Shu’ba.

She studied Shafi’e Fiqh for two years with Sheikh Mahmoud Faraj (from Al-Azhar). Thereafter moved to Jordan, where she now currently resides, and continued to study with Shaikh Amjad Rashid.