Mohamed Elcott


Born in Cairo, Egypt and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Ustadh Mohamed started studying Shafi’i fiqh while he was completing his studies at the University of Washington, reading the Reliance of the Traveller with Ustadh Amr Calipha. After going through the basics and graduating with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in MIS, he decided to attend a Rihla intensive and went to Spain for a month studying Arabic grammar, Shafi’i fiqh, tajweed and other sciences.

After the Rihla he decided that he wanted to get serious about studying classical knowledge. In 2003, he left his career and traveled to Amman, Jordan and studied Arabic at Qasid. He also started studying other Islamic sciences with scholars such as Sheikh Akran Abdul Wahhab, Sheikh Ali Hani, Mustafa Azzam, Dr. Ahmed Hassanat, and others, focusing on Shafi’i texts. He also studied Usul and Arabic morphology.

He currently resides in Amman, Jordan with his family, and works in the IT field.