Module 2: His Blessed Birth

The Prophet ﷺ is born. The entire universe reacted to this cosmic event. Even before he was given the revelation, there were signs that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the Messenger of Allah. Since the beginning of Islam, the Islamic tradition has recorded and shared a vast amount of teaching and writing on the importance of this day, the signs of his prophethood, and what it means for Muslims. We, too, will explore some of these ideas this week as we learn and read about the series of effects that the Prophet’s birth had on both the physical and spiritual worlds. We will be introduced to figures who reacted differently to this event for different reasons. Among them are members of the Prophet’s closest family and people who helped raise him. These individuals would go on to play very important roles at the beginning of Islam.

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Seerah – Live Class: 04/02/2023

Seerah – Pre-Recorded Video

Parenting Live Class: 11/02/2023

Week 2: His Blessed Birth – Learning Outcomes

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