Module 3: His Early Childhood

Many great events marked our Beloved Prophet’s early childhood. This week, we will encounter some more of the miracles that indicated his future Prophethood. We get glimpses of his ﷺ noble character and courage even as a young boy, especially after his mother passed away. Learning about the challenges he ﷺ faced will help us overcome our own trials, as we explore prophetic values about courage, patience, kindness, and reliance on Allah.

Surat Al-Duha Audio

Seerah – Live Class: 18/02/2023

Seerah PreRecorded Lesson

Parenting – Live Class: 25/02/2023

Seerah – Live Class: 04/03/2023

Seerah – Live Class: 11/03/2023

Parenting – Live Class: 18/03/2023

Seerah – PreRecorded Lesson

Week 3: His Early Childhood – Learning Outcomes

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