Module 1: The Year of the Elephant

Lesson Overview

We begin our journey with the year the Prophet ﷺ was born: the Year of the Elephant. This was a year in which Mecca was under threat of foreign attack. When Abraha marched with his army of elephants in a vain attempt to destroy the Ka’ba, he was met with Allah’s wrath and punishment. The events that led up to this year were the result of centuries of conflict between different people and religions, showing us how the Prophet ﷺ had to deliver his Message in a world where Jews, Christians, and others were competing for power and wealth. This week we are introduced to brave figures, such as Aminah and ʿAbd al-Muttalib, who would play an important role in the Prophet’s childhood.

Listen and recite Surah al -Fil with Tajweed

Seerah Live Class: 21/01/2022

Seerah Pre-Recorded Video

Parenting Live Class: 28/01/2023

Week 1: The Year of the Elephant – Learning Outcomes

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