Module 4: The Prophetic Household

As the Prophet ﷺ  grew in years and stature, events in his life prepared him to bear the message of Islam. Growing up in the household of his uncle, Abu Talib, the Prophet ﷺ learned much about trade and was employed as a shepherd. On his travels during his adolescent years, many more signs occurred that indicated his prophethood. His reputation as an honest, respectable, and hard-working young man grew, and he was famed for these attributes among his people. These same characteristics were what caught the attention of Sayyida Khadija, who then hired him to sell her merchandise for her. This encounter then led to their marriage and a relationship that would support the Prophet ﷺ in delivering the message of Islam.  His ﷺ  marks of character were proven time after time, bringing him closer to the day he would receive Revelation.

Seerah – Live Class: 25/03/2023

Parenting – Live Class: 01/04/2023

Seerah: Pre-Recorded Video

Seerah – Live Class: 08/04/2023

Parenting – Live Class: 29/04/2023

Week 4: The Prophetic Household – Learning Outcomes

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