Behold the Battle of Badr: On the Ground Event in Toronto Canada


One-Day-Event At a Glance:

  • Presentations from Sheikh Hatim on the Battle of Badr (suitable for the whole family 7 years and older)
  • Presentation from Sheikh Zahir on the lessons learned for families (suitable for families 16 years and older – younger children will be provided guided activities during this session)
  • A chance to meet our world-renowned tajweed scholars online and complete a free tajweed assessment with them to determine your level
  • An opportunity to gain an Adhan Ijaza with Sheikh Muhammad Adel – Mu’adhin of Masjid al-Bushra in Amman, Jordan (men 18 years and older), additional costs apply.
  • Lunch and refreshments 
  • Inshad Interludes
  • An opportunity to explore Kiflayn’s programs and courses with staff and teachers

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